GZGM-K series vibrator feeder

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GZGM-K series vibrating feeder is a new product designed for replacement of reciprocating feeder, the machine is divided into two parts the fixed body and a vibrating body. The fixed body and silo rigid connection, the vibrating body through the isolation spring fixed body connection, is the main part of the feeder. The use of this machine is simple and convenient, does not need to successfully install the changes to the base or joint. And small size, in a narrow space, the installation is also very smoothly.

Technical parameters

Instead ModelK-0K-1K-2K-3K-4
Particle size0-2500-3500-3500-4000-500
Vibration frequency(Hz)1616161616
Double amplitude(mm)#####6月10日6月10日6月10日6月10日
Vibration motorModelYZO-10-6YZO-10-6YZO-10-6YZO-30-6YZO-50-6
Coal capacityBituminous coal(t/h)22-9034-13545-20075-300132-530
Total Weight(kg)8201050125015801960

Structural Representation