FZC vibration ore drawing machine

Uses and Features


FZC type vibratory ore drawing machine applicable to the environmental temperature is not more than + 40 ℃, air relative humidity is not more than 90% of the chute, stope, chute and ore (material). It’s corporations, material released in ore, feeding or loading with ideal equipment, all kinds of car, car, train the belt, cableway, mine, mine the elevator load and part of jaw crusher can choose the series of vibrating ore drawing machine to mine.


FZC type vibratory ore drawing machine has the following features:
(1) small size, light weight, simple and compact structure, less investment;
(2) easy installation, small amount of maintenance, low operating cost, less consumption, energy-saving significantly;
(3) due to vibration, ore-bearing rock material liquidity increases, reducing channel jam phenomenon, so the ore capacity is big, high efficiency;
(4) vibration ore flow continuous, uniform, easy to control, ore size can be adjusted according to need, safe and reliable operation;
(5) working in the super resonance condition, the amplitude stability, can be frequent starting (starting material at times / 200) or less, allowing the counter load vibration have larger fluctuation, especially for a variety of ore-bearing rock viscous ore-bearing rock material adaptability is strong, and it can work in dusty or water more environment;
(6) all loose weight not more than 2.4 tons/m ore rock material, block is not greater than 1000 mm or 1000 mm below until the powder ore, can choose the series of vibrating ore drawing machine.

Installation cavern map

Installing new chute caverns, (hopper) designed to provide construction drawings, and test the selected vibration drawing machine parameters and geometric parameters and laying chute (hopper) and transportation equipment is matched mine.