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Heat Inertia Vibrating Conveyor

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Hot Material Vibrating Conveyor

Hot material vibrating conveyor is an long-distance conveying equipment with an airlock function. This machine is suitable for conveying all kinds of granular materials below medium block and horizontal conveying (≤500℃) high temperature and high abrasion materials, such as drying hot slag, cement hot material, etc.

Hot Material Vibrating Conveyor

Application of Heat Inertia Vibrating Conveyor

Hot material vibrating conveyor is a kind of general conveying machinery, besides being used in the cement industry, it can also be used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, electric power, and other industries; it is an ideal new conveying equipment.

outline structure diagram of hot material vibrating conveyor

Features of Hot Material Vibrating Conveyor

  • The hot material vibrating conveyor has a long conveying distance, large conveying, low energy consumption, and low noise, and does not require thermal adjustment when conveying high-temperature materials.
  • The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, the wear is less, and the maintenance workload is small.
  • The vibrating hot material conveyor has stable performance, reliable operation, fast, and stable start and stop.
  • The material can be fed and discharged at multiple points, the vibration isolation performance is good, and the top and bottom of the warehouse can be used.
    Afully enclosed structure, when used as a horizontal material sealing and discharging machine, the air-lock effect is good.
outline structure diagram of hot material vibrating conveyor


  • Conveying capacity: 50 tons/hour
  • Slot width: 400mm
  • Conveying length: 6~30 meters
  • Power of the whole machine:
    • 1.5 kW × 2 when the conveying length is less than 10 meters
      When the conveying length is 10 meters to 20 meters, it is 2.2 kW × 2
      When the conveying length is 20 meters to 30 meters, it is 3 kW x 2
  • Overall appearance (height × width): 1200 × 730 mm
  • Equipment weight: the conveyor weighs about 350 kg per meter