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Three-Mass Resonance Vibratory Conveyor
Vibratory Conveyor

What is a Vibratory Conveyor?

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The vibrating conveyor (also called vibratory conveyor or vibration conveyor, vibrating feeder conveyor) is a continuous vibratory conveying machinery that uses a vibrator to vibrate the trough so that the material in the trough slides or moves in a certain direction. It is generally used for horizontal conveying, the productivity is less than 150t/h, and the conveying distance is less than 80m. When inclined upward, the productivity decreases with the increase of the inclination angle.


Challenging balance testing of vibrating conveyor systems

Application of Conveyor Vibration System?

Conveyor Vibration System (Vibrating Conveyor) except for some parts of the vibration excitation mechanism, there are few relative rotating parts, and the structure is simple, which can transport materials of various particle sizes, and can carry out closed transportation of hot, flammable, explosive, toxic and dusty materials.
The vibrating conveyor is not suitable for conveying viscous materials.


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Nantong United Heavy Machinery Co., LTD(UHM) has always been an innovative pioneer in the technological development of vibrating machines, such as vibrating feeders, conveyors, screening, and drying. We now have more than 100 skilled and experienced staff members. The management system is certified by ISO9001: 2015 standard. To provide more professional and closer services to our customers in the sugar industry, we established a special team consisting of more than 30 experienced persons.

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A vibrating conveyor is mainly composed of a vibration exciter, a bearing groove, the main vibration spring, and a frame.

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