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Vertical Vibrating Conveyor

vertical vibrating conveyor

The vertical vibrating conveyor is a new type of vertical vibration transmission equipment, widely used in metallurgy, coal, building materials, food, machinery, medicine, food, and other industries. For vertical lifting operations of powdered and granular materials, the vertical vibrating conveyor can also dry and cool the material.

Vertical Vibrating Conveyor


  • Small footprint for easy process layout.
  • Saving energy, small wear of trough.
  • Low noise, simple structure, and convenient installation and maintenance.
  • The material can be transported upwards or downwards.
Vertical Vibrating Conveyor


The vertical vibrating conveyor can be used for vertical lifting of materials, and can also dry and cool materials.


The vibration motor of the ZC vertical vibrating conveyor is installed in the lower part of the conveying tower. The two vibrating motors are symmetrically cross-mounted. The conveying tower is composed of a pipe body and a spiral conveying groove welded around the pipe body. The conveying tower is mounted on the vibration damping device. The vibration damping device is composed of a base and a vibration isolating spring.

Vertical Vibrating Conveyor


When the vertical conveyor is used, the exciting force is generated by the vibration motor according to the self-synchronization principle of the double vibration motor. Force the whole conveying tower body to make a spatial composite vibration of horizontal circular motion and upward vertical motion. The material in the spiral groove is subjected to the action of the conveying trough, and the circular motion of the uniform casting is performed, and the material moves upward along the conveying trough body, thereby completing the upward movement of the material ( Or down) to transport the job.


Metallurgy, coal, building materials, food, machinery, medicine, food, and other industries.

Vertical Vibrating Conveyor


ModelConveying height(mm) productivity (t/h)Maximum material sizeAmplitude (mm)Notor modelRated voltage(V) Motor power (kW)Number of vibrations per minuteOverall weight kgReverse brake control boxmm