The disc feeder Nantong Lianzhen Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is the production of a continuous volume feeding equipment widely used, even the material fed to the next device, feed quantity can be adjusted, can feed powder, patches of material (such as coal, clay and so on), disc feeder is general mill common equipment, drying machine, type DK, type DB is a hanging hanging open, closed.

Technical parameters

ModelDesign capability m3/hMain technical performance and basic referenceDrive SectionWeight(t)
ModelPower(KW)ModelVelocity ratio
DK6000.68-3.9Material size≤25mmY90L-61.1Worm speed reducer530.405
DK8001.18-7.05Material size≤30 mmY90L-61.1Worm speed reducer530.5
DK10002.59-16.7Material size≤40 mmY100L-61.5Worm speed reducer520.79
DK130013-27.09Material size≤50 mmY132S-63Worm speed reducer541.11
DK160022.7-48.6Material size≤60 mmY132M1-64Worm speed reducer541.98
DB180028-60Material size≤70 mmY132M2-65.5Worm speed reducer542.83
DB6000.69-3.6Material size≤25 mmY90L-61.1Worm speed reducer530.6
DB8001.18-7.65Material size≤30 mmY90L-61.1Worm speed reducer530.8
DB10002.59-16.7Material size≤40 mmY100L-61.5Worm speed reducer520.827
DB130013-27.9Material size≤50 mmY132S-63Worm speed reducer541.24
DB180022.7-48.6Material size≤60 mmY132M1-64Worm speed reducer542.83