Uses and Features

Quantitative disc feeder system is electromechanical integration equipment. By quantitative disc feeder, high-precision electronic belt scale (batching scale), electrical instrumentation control of three parts. Each part coordinated operation, complete bulk ingredients work together. Can be widely used in steel, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, energy, etc.

Quantitative disc feeder is a kind of continuous feeding of volumetric feeding device, installed on the silo, silo and hopper device such as a store of discharge outlet, rely on the gravity of the material and the work of the feeder institutions of mandatory effect, the material discharge within the silo and continuous evenly feed in to the next device. When it stops working, but also plays a role of silo closure. It is one of the key equipment in the process of continuous production process.

Quantitative disc feeder is symbol series at home and abroad in the digestion and absorption of new disc feeder, on the basis of advanced technology, combined with domestic actual situation design, manufacture of a new type of high reliability, high efficiency and energy-saving disc feeder. In structure than the disc feeder at home and abroad more advanced, reasonable, and has a number of patents. It has the following features:

1, using easy blocking material, the material of the short tube hanging, to prevent the occurrence of curing the material for a long time and can not successfully put unloaded.
2, using a novel adjustable control gate material layer, you can easily set the feed rate of the size, convenient adjustment, the adjustment range is wider. And according to process requirements, the opening of the gate ready to re-set with adjustable angle blade device, the material transferred to the next unloading equipment, and materials play a lead role in the material.
3, the use of large diameter slewing ring structure, particularly large carrying capacity, can long withstand the pressure mine shafts 15 meters above the material, over the life of 10 years, which is another type disc feeder can not be compared. Another anti-tipping slewing torque resistance, force small operation, turn particularly stable. Especially in the case of low frequency fully loaded, smooth start, smooth operation, speed. This is the other disc can not be achieved.
4, the transmission mechanism of high reliability, and long life. Because all using hardened gears, transmission efficiency is particularly high, up to 90%, relative to other types of feeders, especially worm gear drive disc feeder (up to only 60% efficiency), better energy-saving effect running more economical.
5, good lubrication to run part of the reducer, slewing bearings, small round structures such as the main drive. The use of high-quality and pressure gear oil lubrication to ensure trouble-free operation of the disc.
6, the transmission uses a unique seal structure to ensure the transmission mechanism lubricated part no foreign entry, especially the use of gear lubrication system to ensure high-speed reducer to avoid domestic vertical axis widespread leakage.
7, fully enclosed structure, especially the use of the factory’s unique seal structure under the disc, so all materials falling from the discharge port, and not scattered around the disc and disc feeder inside, other types of round tray feeder are no such advantages.

8, use frequency conversion stepless automatic speed control system is advanced, the adjustment range maximum (max 1:25) fully adjustable flow of materials, to meet the requirements of ingredients.
9, equipped with dust cover, and is equipped with dust, and the dust collecting pipe connected, can avoid the dust flying, to ensure a clean and comfortable working environment.
10, short, disc, blade and fan door assembly and material contact parts adopt wear-resisting performance is particularly good abrasion resistant lining board for a particle size of less than 20mm materials, in the design of the 20mm thickness of the plate material lining disk lining (material abrasive), greatly prolong the service life of the disc feeder continuous normal use cycle, reduce maintenance.
11, using the advanced surface treatment technology, all components have been shot blasting, coating with high performance anti-corrosive coating, ensure the machine rust resistance.
12, electrical control, variable frequency speed regulation using flux vector control mode, with the driving characteristics of large torque, wide speed range, high precision, stable operation, especially in low speed, can guarantee the driving torque constant, guarantee the stable operation at low speed, speed range of 1:25, and other components such as the intermediate relay contact, contact heat and protection devices are imported or joint venture products, to ensure long term stable operation of the whole system.
13, reducer, motor is mounted on the disc, the equipment has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable layout, small occupied space, simple, regular arrangement.
14, speed reducer and the disk is relatively independent, no need to empty the bin repair, remove the disk, the maintenance is convenient and simple, short cycle.

PDX series disc feeder main components

PDX series disc feeder main transmission (reducer, motor back, turn supporting, small teeth, wheel couplings, etc.), short tube, disc base, chassis, fan-shaped door assembly (to adjust the size of the discharge port ), blanking guide plate assembly (correct flow of materials), blade assembly (the material is transferred to the next unloading equipment), pipe assembly lifting device (lifting equipment) and other components.

ModelMaterialDisc diameter/mmProductioncapacity/t/hDisk speed/r/minMotor Power/kwBatching/mmWeight/t
Particle size/mmBulk densitymoisture content
PDX160-800.5-2.5Usually ≤ 8%   pluvial ≤ 13%160010-1000.6-65.5-11≤6505
PDX200-800.5-2.5Usually≤8%   pluvial≤13%200020-2000.5-55.5-15≤8007
PDX220-800.5-2.5Usually ≤ 8%   pluvial ≤ 13%220025-2500.5-55.5-15≤8007.5
PDX250-800.5-2.5Usually ≤ 8%   pluvial ≤ 13%250030-3000.5-55.5-22≤10009
PDX280-800.5-2.5Usually ≤ 8%   pluvial ≤ 13%280040-4000.52-5.25.5-30≤120011
PDX300-800.5-2.5Usually ≤ 8%   pluvial ≤ 13%300050-5000.52-5.25.5-37≤120011.5
PDX320-800.5-2.5Usually ≤ 8%   pluvial ≤ 13%320060-6000.52-5.25.5-37≤140012.5
PDX360-800.5-2.5Usually ≤ 8%   pluvial ≤ 13%360090-9000.5-55.5-75≤160014.5