vibration conveyor

vibration conveyor

DZS Motor Vibrating Conveyor

DZS type vibrating conveyor utilizes the vibration of the trough to quickly transport the materials in the trough from the feeding port to the discharging port.

DZS type vibrating conveyor systems has the advantages of simple structure, lightweight, low noise, reliable operation, no dust pollution, convenient installation, and maintenance, etc.

Motor vibration conveyor

The DZS motor vibration conveyor has two types: open type and closed type. The cross section of the groove can be made into a variety of shapes such as circular, rectangular and trapezoidal.

LS315 Screw conveyor

Description: The LS315 screw conveyor is a vibration conveyor with novel structure and advanced technical indicators. Features: The LS315 screw conveyor should not transport materials that are prone to deterioration, viscous, and agglomerate, because these materials will stick to the… Read More »LS315 Screw conveyor

SZF inertial vibration conveyor

SZF inertial vibration conveyor is suitable for conveying various granular materials below medium block and horizontal conveying (≤500 °C) high temperature and high wear materials, such as drying hot slag, cement hot materials.

SCG high temperature vibration conveyor

SCG high temperature vibration conveyor, large conveying capacity, high temperature resistance and good heat insulation effect, the conveying distance can be arbitrarily extended as needed.

ZS type vibration conveyor

ZS type vibration conveyor is an important inertial vibrating conveyor. It is generally composed of vibration source-vibration motor or vibration exciter, carrier, vibration-damping support, bearing foundation and related accessory.

trough vibrating conveyor

5 keys to use and pay attention to trough vibrating conveyor

The DZS30-400 motor vibration conveyor uses the vibration of the trough to quickly transfer the materials in the trough from the inlet to the outlet. It can be used to convey various materials in the form of blocks, granules or powder, room temperature or high temperature .